About Us

Soraiya Campbell, creator of The Little Cubby, is a songwriter from Canada who works with children as a teacher, entertainer, and music therapist.  She is also lead singer of country rock band Hard Redemption

Michael Anderson, producer of The Little Cubby album, is an award-winning hit songwriter and producer based in Nashville, TN.

Soraiya with some of her little friends.

Soraiya with some of her little friends.

Our Mission

It's our goal, particularly during the pandemic, to keep children engaged, active, and connected to their community of family and friends. Our songs and Zoom shows will have you singing, dancing, learning, and laughing together. 

In addition to the music that is currently available at TLC, we are creating quality children's books and a TV series. Join our mailing list to be notified of new releases, and the eventual return of live shows.

We are inspired by the great entertainers and songwriters of previous generations, including the beloved Mister Rogers, Raffi, Charlotte Diamond, and so many others. We hope you enjoy what you find here at TLC!

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