About Us

Our Mission:

To create quality children's shows, music, and books that are wholesome, love-filled, a little old-fashioned, and a whole lot of fun!  We are inspired by the great entertainers and songwriters of previous generations, including our beloved Mister Rogers, Raffi, Charlotte Diamond, and so many others. 

We could all use a little time to slow down, enjoy the present, and let ourselves be nourished and entertained - especially during the pandemic.  We hope you find peace, joy, and healing here at TLC.  

Who We Are: 

Soraiya Campbell, creator of The Little Cubby, is a songwriter from Canada who works with children as a teacher, entertainer, and music therapist.  She is also lead singer of country rock band Hard Redemption

Michael Anderson, producer of The Little Cubby TV show and album, is an award-winning hit songwriter and producer based in Nashville, TN.

Our Approach & Values: 

1.  All are welcome.  Come as you are.

We welcome people of all faiths and backgrounds to TLC.  This place is a sanctuary.  We hope our music and shows inspire your peace, joy, healing, and growth.

2.  Our shows have the pace and feel of an in-person, one-on-one performance. 

We believe children thrive best when entertainment is simple, thoughtful, sincere, personal, educational, fun, and loving.   Our shows are carefully prepared to provide a down-to-earth experience, and our TV episodes are typically filmed with a single-perspective, continuous shot.  

3.  Our music has been created to minister to children and adults. 

We know that parents have to listen to their children’s music over and over (and over).  Sometimes it can drive parents bananas!  “The Little Cubby” album has been crafted with the whole family’s peace and joy in mind.  Our songs have been produced simply, like the folk albums of the 1960’s.  And while TLC has songs that inspire laughter and silliness, there are also songs that address difficult topics like conflict, illness, and death.  Our hope is that these songs give parents a way to heal and help their children heal from real life events.