Soraiya Campbell is a Canadian songwriter who works with children as a teacher, entertainer, and music therapist. She is also lead singer of Americana band Hard Redemption based near Nashville, TN. 

The Little Cubby is a children's entertainment company that Soraiya founded in 2020 to support families stuck at home by providing fun, uplifting, and educational online shows. The Little Cubby is so-named because it is a safe, cozy little space to dream, sing, dance, rest, play, and learn. 

Since Spring 2021, Soraiya has also been offering in-person shows in middle Tennessee.

Michael Anderson, producer of The Little Cubby album, is an award-winning American hit songwriter and producer.

Soraiya with some of her little friends.


It's my goal, particularly during the pandemic, to keep children engaged, active, and connected to their community of family and friends. The Little Cubby songs and shows keep you singing, dancing, learning, and laughing together. 

In addition to music and live shows, I'm creating quality children's books and a video series. Join the mailing list below to be notified of new releases and special events.

It's a privilege to get to sing for your children and continue the work of inspiring songwriters, educators and entertainers of previous generations - like our beloved Mister Rogers, Raffi, Charlotte Diamond, Sharon Lois & Bram and so many others.

I hope you enjoy what you find here at TLC!

Love Soraiya

Soraiya with Rogers the bear.

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